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We want to see happier, healthier animals

That’s why we provide the very best for your pet.
Evidensia is one of the quality-leading chains for veterinary care in Europe and comprises over 160 animal hospitals and clinics established in seven European countries. In our hands, your important family members will receive world-class veterinary care.

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DOGS, CATS AND OTHER PETS - The best care for your family member.
At Evidensia´s veterinary clinics and hospitals we treat animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and birds but most common is dogs and cats. And Evidensia has one of Sweden’s few experts in exotic animals. It might just be a routine check-up, or an emergency situation, we provide the Nordic region’s most advanced veterinary care.

HORSES - Leave your pride and joy in the capable hands of leading specialists.
At Evidensia’s equine clinics and hospitals we understand you want the very best for your horse. We offer veterinary care that is at the very forefront of development for trotting horses, race horses and other horses and ponies. We can help by providing both routine care and the Nordic region’s most advanced treatment in the event of an emergency.

Evidensia has leading international specialists to provide the help you and your animal need. Excellence permeates everything we do, from simple procedures to advanced operations. A total of 900 veterinarians work for us, with more than 50 carrying the specialist “Diplomate” title, and several have doctorates within their field. We also have advanced veterinary equipment to aid us in our work.


At Evidensia we conduct extensive training and clinical research, and we take the lead in veterinary developments. We learn from one another and share expertise with all our vets, carers, veterinary nurses and other staff at our clinics and hospitals. In order to monitor and develop veterinary care issues we have set up a Veterinary Medicine Forum, which reports to our management team.

Evidensia offers you a great sense of security should anything happen to your animal. Illnesses and accidents don’t just happen during office hours, which is why we’re available 24/7. Several of our clinics are open around the clock and you are always welcome, with or without a referral.

Evidensia was established in 2012, when a group of Sweden’s oldest and foremost veterinary hospitals joined forces. (Specialistdjursjukhuset Helsingborg, Specialistdjursjukhuset Strömsholm, Djursjukhuset Malmö and Södra Djursjukhuset Stockholm.) With shared values and a common approach, we decided to come together to offer Sweden’s pets the best level of care. It was a concept that proved popular. It wasn’t long before the top veterinary hospitals and clinics in the Nordic region had joined us.

Today we have 160 veterinary hospitals and clinics in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Stronger together is Evidensia’s basic principle and it has quickly led to us becoming one of the largest and highest quality veterinary care chains in Europe. We treat over 1 o00 000 animals per year and we have 2 600 employees.

- The foundation Strömsholms Djursjukvård.
- The foundation Svensk Djursjukvård.
- Evidensia’s management and around one hundred key co-workers.

Evidensia has two "management groups":
- Group management, CEO Anders Thunberg.
- Evidensia Veterinary medicine forum – EVMF – whose overall mission is to secure all veterinary medicine aspects on both a short and long-term basis.

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Evidensia treatment pets horses.
We offer you and your animal a real sense of security.
Horse getting a CT scan. Evidensia Equine hospital.
Horse getting a CT scan. In our hands every horse will receive veterinary care that is at the very forefront of development.
Evidensia - our people is our strength.
Evidensia is an attracive workplace and our dedicated team of veterinarians, 
veterinary nurses and other employees provides the best care.
CEO Anders Thunberg. Evidensia.
CEO Anders Thunberg.
It was Anders who came up with the name Evidensia; "Because our ambition is to always have an evidence based approach. We seek out the truth founded on research."

Om Evidensia

Välkommen till oss på Evidensia. Sedan starten 2012 har vi vuxit och är i dag en av Europas största och kvalitetsledande kedjor för djursjukvård. Vår storlek är din trygghet. Vilken av våra kliniker eller djursjukhus du än besöker gör vi allt för att ditt djur ska återfå hälsan.
Vi tror på kvalitet och erbjuder specialister och avancerad utrustning. Vi satsar på kompetens och bedriver utbildning och klinisk forskning. Det gör att vi kan erbjuda den bästa veterinärmedicinska hjälp som finns.

Du kan alltid ringa oss, dygnet runt, året om.

Vi vill se fler friska och lyckliga djur. Därför ska vi vara det allra bästa för djuren. 

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Vi finns i hela Norden!

Med närvaro på närmare 170 platser har vi kliniker och djursjukhus för varje behov. Du hittar oss i Sverige, Finland, Norge, Danmark. Nederländerna, Tyskland och Schweiz.

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